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Work Project 6


Besides the communication activity, which is to involve the resident population, this action provides the publishing of multimedia and paper dissertations, the participations to workshops and meetings with foreign experts, the organization of open debates for national and international participants.

Expected results
A) Dissemination: a model of sustainable development
B) Replication of the development model, with specific reference to the mandatory “Agreement for Tovel”, thanks to the work of the Group of International Observers, too (WP 6.4)
C) Promotion of contacts between institutions and subjects interested in the territory sustainable development
D) Raising awareness, among enterprises and population, regarding the themes of environmental management

- Production of publications on paper and in electronic format, aimed at spreading information
- Project information via web-site
- Organization of meetings and international forums
- Dissemination through local, national and European media
- Participation at the events of eco-sustainable tourism with an Agency’s own stand


> 30/07/2002
The Project’s Newsletter

> 31/05/2002
Acknowledgement of the Life Tovel Project by the Committee of the Annual Ring of the Mountains

> 18/05/2002
Europark Day at Trento

> 06/05/2002
International Convention “Parks of the Alps – Protection and development in the mountains”

> 06/05/2002
Agricultural Fair in Cles

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Date: 30/07/2002
Title: The Project’s Newsletter

The first edition of the Life Tovel Project newsletter was published containing information as regards all the activities realised, also in-depth articles and news. The newsletter will be distributed to all families of the Tuenno Municipality and will be available for consultation in all the libraries in Trentino. We hope to receive contributions to the following editions from everyone, Members as well as the public in general.