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Work Project 6


Besides the communication activity, which is to involve the resident population, this action provides the publishing of multimedia and paper dissertations, the participations to workshops and meetings with foreign experts, the organization of open debates for national and international participants.

Expected results
A) Dissemination: a model of sustainable development
B) Replication of the development model, with specific reference to the mandatory “Agreement for Tovel”, thanks to the work of the Group of International Observers, too (WP 6.4)
C) Promotion of contacts between institutions and subjects interested in the territory sustainable development
D) Raising awareness, among enterprises and population, regarding the themes of environmental management

- Production of publications on paper and in electronic format, aimed at spreading information
- Project information via web-site
- Organization of meetings and international forums
- Dissemination through local, national and European media
- Participation at the events of eco-sustainable tourism with an Agency’s own stand


> 22/12/2002
Second edition of the Project’s Newsletter

> 18/12/2002
Life Tovel Fair “Agriculture and Rural Tourism”

> 17/10/2002
International Convention of Gargnano

> 06/09/2002
Craft Exhibition in Valle di Non 2002

> 09/08/2002
Definitive responsibility for the realisation of some brief films about the Tovel Valley

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Date: 17/10/2002
Title: International Convention of Gargnano

On 14th and 15th October 2002, the Life Tovel project was presented, as a concrete model of sustainable development, to the International Convention which took place in Gargnano (BS), under the title of “Protected Territories and Local Communities for sustainble development in the mountains”. Out of all the other initiatives of the project, space was given to testimony of Mr Giorgio Tregtter, an agriculturist of the Tuenno Municipality, who together witht eh five other enterprises, was one of the first to believe in the opportunity offered by the project and to subscribe to the Tovel Agreement. Among the participants, the developing work of conventional enterprises was appreciated and recognised. These gave a concrete example of sustainability and the development of tourism.