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Work Project 5

Development of educational and scientific initiatives for Schools and Universities.

This action, dealt with by the Tridentine Natural Science Museum in Trento, regards the creation of a package of educational offers made up of modules about naturalistic themes both for students and teachers, the setting up of a scientific laboratory near the Lake Tovel, and the planning of a Summer School for University students which will open in the Summer 2003.

Expected results
A) Producing packages of touristic offer with scientific naturalistic contents, directed to Schools and Universities.
B) Creation of synergy links (with the Natural Science Museum in Trento, for instance) to complete the didactic offer.
C) Training a group of experts, who will work both in the organization and management of the offer directed to the school world, and in the planning of didactic modules.

- Creation of didactic modules specialized according to the topics and the addressees activities;
- Didactic media production aimed at enjoying the itineraries, and at “clever entertainment” promotion on the themes of nature and of the Alpine environment;
- Training courses for personnel involved in educational activities through class lessons, simulations and teaching practice in collaboration with the Museum staff;


> 06/12/2002
Summer schools, field courses and stages at the Lake Tovel Laboratory

> 04/10/2002
The results of the formation course for didactic operators

> 23/09/2002
Findings of the refresher course for teachers

> 08/07/2002
Entry expiry date for an updating course on Mount Peller.

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Date: 08/07/2002
Title: Entry expiry date for an updating course on Mount Peller.

On 3, 4 and 5 September 2002 an updating course (recognised by IPRASE, the provincial institution for school course updating) for teachers of primary and middle schools will take place on Mount Peller (accomodations are provided at the mountain refuge). The course is organized by the “Agenzia pro Tovel” in collaboration with the Museum of Natural Science in Trento, and is aimed at examining closely some naturalistic themes and some scientific environment related topics. Entries are open until August, 9, 2002, at Sezione Didattica del Museo Tridentino di Scienze naturali (tel no. 0461. 270320).