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Work Project 3

Interventions for the promotion of the social and economic development

This actions is aimed at creating an image of environment-friendly touristic organization, inside the protected frame of the Adamello-Brenta Park, by planning packages of eco-touristic discovery which includes the practice of environment-friendly sports, theme routes and scientific paths, in the attempt of increasing mainly the value of the area in the Municipality of Tuenno surrounding the park.

Expected results
A) Promoting new private economic initiatives regarding the objectives of the project
B) creating an image of environment-friendly touristic organization in association with the Park
C) increasing the value of the area, in the Municipality of Tuenno, surrounding the park, by implementing sports attractions and environmentally interesting resources.

- Drawing up a strategy and definition for sustainable tourism development;
- Participation procedure for the definition of “sustainable tourism project”;
- actions specific for agricultural businesses, aimed at experimenting new ways of sustainable agriculture and rural tourism;
- Specific guidebooks with cultural-naturalistic-environmental-sporting contents


> 03/03/2003
Running race – Tuenno, Lake Tovel

> 25/11/2002

> 25/07/2002
Discovering the valley

> 24/07/2002
A Tour of the Lake

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Date: 03/03/2003
Title: Running race – Tuenno, Lake Tovel

The Community of Tuenno is organising with the collaboration of the associates of SAT and the SKICLUB of Tuenno, a running race under the slogan of “Run with Nature, Respect the environment” with the objective to promote the region, in the perimeters of the Life Tovel project. Each stage of the course will not exceed a distance of more than 10 km and the interior in question will be predetermined according to technical definitions, and with the collaboration of the company affiliated to FIDAL Athletic of the Valleys of di Non and di Sole. The course of the first route will incorporate a track which will cross the fruit orchards and the nature reserve, the second stage will cover the area of the fruit orchards and the wood, while the final one will join right up to the Val di Tovel. All three stages will depart from the centre of the village where the first two stages are also expected to return. During the three days, guided tours of the Natural Park of Adamello Brenta Park will be provided. These are free for participants of the race. They include Lake Tovel, as well as a visit to Mondo Melinda, the promotional centre of apples. On the final evening of the exhibition, a Prize Giving ceremony is envisaged which includes the presence of local companies for the promotion and sale of typical produce (apples, speck, honey, cheese etc) and for the sponsor taking part in the initiative. All participants will receive a gift pack of typical produce and sports gifts. For more detailed information please consult the exhibition programme leaflet enclosed.