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Work Project 3

Interventions for the promotion of the social and economic development

This actions is aimed at creating an image of environment-friendly touristic organization, inside the protected frame of the Adamello-Brenta Park, by planning packages of eco-touristic discovery which includes the practice of environment-friendly sports, theme routes and scientific paths, in the attempt of increasing mainly the value of the area in the Municipality of Tuenno surrounding the park.

Expected results
A) Promoting new private economic initiatives regarding the objectives of the project
B) creating an image of environment-friendly touristic organization in association with the Park
C) increasing the value of the area, in the Municipality of Tuenno, surrounding the park, by implementing sports attractions and environmentally interesting resources.

- Drawing up a strategy and definition for sustainable tourism development;
- Participation procedure for the definition of “sustainable tourism project”;
- actions specific for agricultural businesses, aimed at experimenting new ways of sustainable agriculture and rural tourism;
- Specific guidebooks with cultural-naturalistic-environmental-sporting contents


> 03/03/2003
Running race – Tuenno, Lake Tovel

> 25/11/2002

> 25/07/2002
Discovering the valley

> 24/07/2002
A Tour of the Lake

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Date: 25/11/2002

For the Winter of 2002 - 2003, some holiday proposals were arranged by the Consortium of the Valle di Non, in the Park for wintersport enthusiasts. But not just that! In fact, from 6th December 2002 every weekend other excursions, including skiing, were envisaged, including skiing, ice-skating, snow-boarding, also food-tasting sessions with products typical of the region of the Valle di Non. For further information please turn to page vita/manifestaz, web-site, or consult the Tovel Tourist Board Consortium – Val di Non, 38019 Tuenno (TN) – Piazza Alpini, 2/a Tel/fax 0463.454023