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Work Project 2


The specific instrument which will involve the economic forces in the growth and qualification of the local enterprises offer is the “Agreement for Tovel”, a voluntary agreement drawn up with the Municipality Administration, which will identify all environment-friendly, good-quality and communicative practices to be respected by all drawing-up businesses.

Expected results
A) Identifying some contract contents that meets the real interest of operators (benefits for drawing-up businesses)
B) Making the enterprises realize the importance of quality in the management and in the safeguard of the environment, in relation to the global touristic and territorial offer.
C) Educating the enterprises in a “system economy planning” : 1) the touristic offers characterizes itself through the overall environmental offer; 2) the economic take-off in one sector is a leading factor for the total area economy.

- definition of  contents in the “Agreement for Tovel”
- discussion with the economic operators interested in  negotiations


> 13/12/2002
The new enterprises connected with the Tovel Agreement

> 19/08/2002
“Patto per Tovel” also for craftsmen and cooperative associations.

> 05/08/2002
The first companies following the Tovel Agreement

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Date: 13/12/2002
Title: The new enterprises connected with the Tovel Agreement

Another 8 enterprises subscribed to the Tovel Agreement, during the branding assignment ceremony which took place on 12th December in the Conciliatory Hall in the Tuenno Town Hall. A small percentage of the structure which was employed and standardised according to the criteria of sustainable development, comes from the neighbouring regions, like for example, l’Agritur Odorizzi Michele di Rallo, the agricultural firm of Astrid Garden of Tassullo and the Sartoria Rivablanca of Cles, all demonstrated the fact that the Trademark of Quality for the Life Tovel project, was earned also by businesses from outside the confines of the community. The other 5 brands which also subscribed to the agreement were Agitur Valentini Diomira, Sartoria Emanuela, the Alice Beauty Centre, the craft business Bagnoidea of Pizzolli Pio, the Falegnamenia Torresani Pierluigi, all of which carry out their businesses in the community of Tuenno. The increase in activity of the Tovel Agreement represents a significant step in determining which integrated system offered to tourists of the region would result in satisfying the objectives of the project