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Work Project 1

Information from the population, relations between Municipality, Park, resident population and visitors.

It deals with a preliminary survey on the local socio-economic aspects, highlighting ambitions and limits, and a series of meetings with the resident population, the business folks, and the different associations interested in adhering to the agreement of sustainable development in tourism of the area, safeguarding the environment.

Expected results
A) raising public involvement in the realization of the project and in the definition of the choices, as well as raising public awareness in the themes of environment.
B) Finding operating solutions, through a project course which complies economic development with the safeguard of the environment as regards territorial planning and private enterprise.

- Meetings with the population;
- Workshops and negotiation tables with contractors and local bodies;
- Information from the population with questionnaires;
- Dissemination of news about the project;
- Survey and questionnaires given to the visitors of the Adamello-Brenta Park;


> 07/05/2002
Ambience Week

> 14/03/2002
Seminar: Sustainable Tourism: Prospects

> 28/02/2002
Seminar: Rural Ecotourism: guidelines and opportunities

> 20/02/2002
Life Tovel: fundamental concepts for a common route of sustainable development

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Date: 07/05/2002
Title: Ambience Week

From 7th to 12th May the Tovel Agency organised, with the collaboration of the cultural,sport and activities assessor, an ambience week and an ecological festival, with various initiatives and activities which involved the whole population and particularly schools and students.