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The TOVEL project

 The Tovel Project, promoted by the Municipality of Tuenno, in collaboration with the Adamello Brenta National Park and the Natural Science Museum in Trento, is testing an innovative model of area planning and touristic development programme, with a special consideration for the safeguard and enhancement of the area’s natural resources and historical heritage.
The project is being carried out in one of the most precious Alpine valleys, the Valley of Tovel, well-known for the phenomenon of its lake waters reddening and for its extremely interesting existing flora and fauna. In consists in:

1)  Developing less invasive tourist movements along the banks of the Tovel Lake.

2)  Enhancing the numerous natural features of the whole Valley of Tovel and neighbouring areas supporting the creation of the necessary structures and facilities for a qualifying sustainable touristic offer.

3)  Exploiting the territory in a very ballanced way, promoting education, information and raising awareness both in the local population and in visitors.

4)  Supporting a local economic development with a special consideration for the guest, and stimulating the involvement of the local enterprises in adopting techniques with low environmental impact, according to the model of sustainable development of the Tovel project.

The Tovel project guidelines are strongly supported by the Municipality of Tuenno and by the project partners, which have provided the implementation of some facilities, for instance scientifical paths, educational labora-tories, equipped paths. All these were necessary to support the project, and some new works are still being completed in the area of Tuenno ( a new visitors’ centre).
This is a concrete signal of touristic development in the area, oriented according to new parameters like service quality, consideration of the relational aspects, respect of natural resources.