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  The LIFE programme
  The TOVEL project
  The objectives
  The addressees
  The activities

The objectives

 Definition of a social and economic development course, in a touristic perspective, regarding the Municipality of Tuenno and some neighbouring municipalities, in Val di Non, inside a frame of integrated territorial sys-tem, increasing the value and promoting all different local potentialities, steming from the outstanding touristic attraction of Val di Tovel and Lake Tovel itself.
 Spreading awareness among the population and the local economic operators of the importance of acquiring the key concepts of sustainable development, in the effort to improve and integrate the safeguard needs of the naturalistic heritage, to back up the economic growth and the social well-being.

 Qualifying a touristic offer that is, first of all, environment-friendly, in the full respect of the area natural beauties, by giving the tourists unique opportunities of sporting activities, first quality services and facilities.

 Development and promotion of new activities linked to tourism and ru-ral environment, giving a durable image of environment-friendly touristic organization, also addressed to the school world, thus differentiating the offer, and making longer the area fruition time.