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  The LIFE programme
  The TOVEL project
  The objectives
  The addressees
  The activities

The addressees

 The local community
All population, no matter what category they belong to, are given the chance to collaborate and to share liabilities, so that everybody can contribute, together with public policy and enterprises, to the choices of environmental development and economy, thus improving their quality of life. According to this, the given chance to partecipate in the foregone ac-tivities are expected to lead to the creation of new enterprise initiatives.
 The local enterprises
The procedure of involving the economic operators in an active role on the front of increasing the value of quality environment-friendly enter-prises is seen as a crucial factor for the success of the project. Enterprises which will choose to commit themselves in this project will be given a trademark and marketing shares inside the many disseminating actions, and the promotion in the park initiatives.

 The schools and the universities
The project includes a specific measure to promote the development of cultural initiatives for schools, in order to promote the school participa-tion in the enhancement of the local naturalistic, historical and cultural heritage. Absolute innovation regards the involvement of University stu-dents who will carry out researches and studies of high scientific level on the premises.

 The guests
Besides the well-known picturesque frame, the hospitality and tranquil-lity of the rural environment of Val di Non, all visitors, according to the project, will be given a new image of the land, which will offer different proposals according to their different expectations, with a unique com-mon denominator: the respect and safeguard of a unique natural envi-ronment, unestimable riches of this land, from the peaks of the Brenta mountains to the apple orchards of the valley.