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  The LIFE programme
  The TOVEL project
  The objectives
  The addressees
  The activities

The activities

The Life Tovel Project is composed of the following seven lines of actions, called measures:

 Information from the population, relations between Municipality, Park, resident population and visitors.
This action aims at carrying out a survey on the local socio-economic aspects, highlighting ambitions and limits, and a series of meetings, with the resident population, the business folks and the associations, regarding environmental issues and the possibilities of the area’s touristic development.
 Actions aimed at promoting the involvement of business enterprises in the area’s management..
The specific instrument which will involve the economic forces in the growth and qualification of the local enterprises offer is the “Agreement for Tovel”, a voluntary agreement drawn up with the Municipality Administration, which will identify the environment-friendly, good quality and communicative practices which have to be respected by all drawing-up businesses.

 Interventions for the promotion of social and economic development.
This action is aimed at creating an image of environment-friendly tour-istic organization, inside the protected frame of the Adamello Brenta Park, by planning packages of eco-touristic discovery which includes the practice of environment-friendly sports, theme routes and scientific paths, in the attempt of increasing mainly the value of the area that sur-rounds the park.

Activity results:

 Involvement of the local population
The Project and its contents have met the interest both of the population, who have attended the dissemination meetings with attention, and of the enterprises and the schools, which have intensely attended the planned activities.

 Agreement for tovel
31 enterprises have adhered to the Agreement for Tovel, which was carried out through the subscription of real contracts, where all contractors committed themselves in respecting a protocoll regarding efficient environmental management, warranting good quality service, in the full respect of the laws in force, and the ability of promoting a sustainable conduct inside and outside the structure. The adhesion to the Agreement for Tovel enables the participating enterprises to use the trade mark Tovel.

 Ways of exploiting the park area, and entrance to lake Tovel.
Starting from a specific study on traffic regulation to Val di Tovel and from an accurate observation on the park visitors, some experimental actions are provided to prevent visitors’overcrowding along the lake banks. Inside the structural interventions of this measure, the setting up of a modern and efficiently organized “Park Visitor’s Centre” has been organized too.

 Development of educational and scientific initiatives for Schools and Universities.
This measure, dealt with by the Tridentine Natural Science Museum in Trento, regards the creation of a package of educational offers made up of modules about naturalistic themes both for students and teachers, the setting up of a scientific laboratory near the lake Tovel, and the planning of a Summer School for University students.

All this has been implemented by means of:

 Testing a traffic regulation, run by the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, which consisted in closing the road to Val di Tovel to vehicles and activat-ing a shuttle bus service.

 Setting up a new park visitors’ centre as an information office, discov-ery room, video room also for educational activities.

 Implementing a scientific laboratory run by the Tridentine Natural Sci-ence Museum in Trento for Summer School.

 Organizing a Summer School for University students, graduates and training courses for personnel involved in educational activities.

 Creating ‘theme paths’ to reach lake Tovel on foot.

Besides the communication activity, which is to involve the resident population, this action provides the publishing of multimedia and paper dissertations, the participations to workshops and meetings with foreign experts, the organization of open debates for national and international participants.

 Project management and coordination.
The Municipality of Tuenno has specifically set up the ‘Agency per Tovel’ with the pur pose of carrying out and managing all activities included in the project. The Agency per Tovel is made up of a professional team capable of coordinating the task, relating the project partner to public and private subjects and to the European Commission.

All this has been implemented by means of:

 Organization of 2 international meetings to disseminate the project also outside the country, which have been attended by International Observers too.

 Participation to Exhibitions and touristic events with proper stands in order to advertise the project.