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The Adamello Brenta Natural Park

The Adamello Brenta Natural Park is the largest protected natural area in Trentino. In its 618 squares kms the park includes, in the west, part of the granitic mountain group called Adamello –Presanella, and in the east the Dolomiti di Brenta mountain group. Its territory is featured by a variety of terrific landscapes, and inestimable natural beauties.

The Brenta Group in particular, with its scenic and chromatic look, contrasts with Adamello’s glaciers and peaks static majesty. It is a sequence of peaks, steeples, towers, thus a fanciful dolomitic architecture, scenery of unforgettable alpine ascents.

Cima Tosa, with its 3159 mts, and Cima Brenta, 3150 mts, are here to be mentioned. The most famous valley in this area is Val di Tovel, over 16 kms in lenght, with its homonymous, internationally known lake, Lake Tovel.  

The park’s role in the project:
By means of the Life Tovel Project experiment, the Adamello Brenta Natura Park seeks to set up an innovative model of tourism development compatible with the landscapes and the environmental resources that must be protected by the park.

Its role inside the project aims at improving the visitors’ awareness of environmental, social and cultural aspects of the area, by means of setting up a series of educational naturalistic paths, outdoor laboratories, and watching points, which will lead to:
- A more attentive and respectful fruition of the valley environmental features

A reduction of anthropic pressure around the lake, since these itineraries will offer the visitor varying attractions and alternative routes, not just the lake banks, thus enhancing the value of those areas which, though presenting high level environmental contents, are less delicate as far as anthropic and ecological inconvenience is concerned.

- An exploitation of several other cultural peculiarities in the valley.

The renewal of the new Visitors’ Centre, set up along the lake, included in the project, will be functional for those who are interested in completing the excursion experience with an active in-depth study: this will lead to a deepened knowledge of the lake and its surrounding environment.

Moreover the park, in the role of project partner, will carry out interventions aimed at maintaining the infrastructures functionality and at inspecting a correct territorial management. It will thus provide for sign boards, road maintainance, paths, buildings and manufactured products, for the execution of park places and picknick areas, and for visitors’ traffic limiting.

The park, in collaboration with the Tridentine Natural Science Museum, will also provide for a series of educational and cultural initiatives for the school world and the University, by means of guided excursions for visitors and students, with trained park staff, and Summer School for University students.