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The Municipality of Tuenno

The Municipality of Tuenno, with its 2270 inhabitants, is situated in the centre of Val di Non, on the right bank of the river Noce, 630 mt above sea level. It occupies a wide half-dell, open southwardly, in the middle of extended apple orchards.

(Tuenno and apple picking)
The area inside the Municipality, beside being the main gate into Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, offers some outstanding touristic potentialities, not yet sufficiently developed. In the last years, the increasing stream of tourists and hikers who concentrate along the lake banks, mostly in the peak summer month, thus causing significant impacts on Val di Non natural environment, has not yet led to any economic benefits deriving from accomodation activities.

(lake – n. 4)
The Municipality Administration, in collaboration with the partners Park and Museum, aiming firstly at protecting the environment and the landscape included in the Municipality area, primarily Val di Tovel itself, intends consequently, by means of the “Life Tovel Project”, to promote the territory economic development supporting an environmentally friendly tourism, through the research of a continuous ballance between the social-economic development and the safeguard of the area’s natural beauties.


The resulting strategy stems from the ambitions to improve economically the local reality, involving the whole community of Tuenno in the process of diversifying the local economy (currently monoculture) creating the conditions for the development of forms of “nature-friendly tourism”. The experimented model aims firstly at raising public awareness on the fundamental principles of sustainable development, involving all area’s active subjects in territorial development chances, thus promoting the birth and the growth of new economic alternative initiatives, directed to ’accomodation tourism’, able to integrate with the current agricultural activity and fruit-farming in particular.

To this purpose the existing enterprises will be qualified according to their efficient environment management, to their service quality and to their capacity of interacting with other area’s businesses. Moreover, the Municipality aims at reducting the anthropic pressure around the lake banks with a number of actions that, at the same time, offer the visitor a package of several different proposals, thus making the touristic fruition time longer, now limited to the summer months. This can possibly come true by enhancing the value of the many several natural beauties of the valley and of its surroundings, Mount Peller for instance, through the setting up of theme routes, educational outdoor laboratories and watching points, beside the exploitation of cultural and sports courses which depart right from the Municipality center. Purpose of the administration inside the project is also to enhance an enthusiastic involvement of the population in favour of the territory, by warranting an increased, but mostly improved use of the existing resources.