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The Agency Per Tovel

The Municipality of Tuenno has entrusted the “Agency per Tovel” (Agenzia per Tovel) with the task of managing directly the project in all its actions, or with the help of experts hired when needed.

The agency is made up by a team of experts able to coordinate and manage the relations among the partners, the public and private subjects involved, and the European Commission. The team’s task consists also in elaborating concrete proposals, not subsidised in the project, which should emerge in the envisaged negotiating tables.

The agency information desk, open all year, beside coordination and management tasks, is to raise public awareness and involve local partners (resident population, enterprises, associations); it will also provide them with technical support, thus facing all varying emerging needs.

Moreover, the Agency’s task consists in promoting outside all carried-out initiatives, in particular in spreading the experimented models to other municipalities inside the park area. Last but not least, as required by the Institution “Life Environment”, the Agency must fix the guidelines to repeat the develop initiatives in other E.C. member countries.